HR P97 (Fuel)



We are the only distributor for this product within a 100 km circle around Barrie.

Is an ethanol-free unleaded race, small engine, and storage fuel that won’t gum up carbs or cause issues like today’s average pump fuels. P97 can be used as a storage fuel or in an exotic application that requires ethanol- free fuel. P97 offers zero start up or storage issues after the longest winters. P97 is a 100% clear fuel great for motorcycles, powersports, street rods, vintage cars, boats, and small engine applications.


Octane – R+M/2 97.5
Motor Octane 94
Research Octane 101
Specific Gravity 0.726
Oxygenated No
Unleaded Yes
Stoich Ratio 14.57 : 1
Color Clear


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